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Why Do HOAs in Jupiter and Palm Beach Prefer Clean Roofs? (Demo)

Pressure Cleaning Roof

Your Home Owners Association

It’s very likely if you have an HOA, that they have stipulations for the care and upkeep of your home. A common preference in Jupiter and West Palm Beach is for homeowners to have their roofs cleaned regularly. They want the homes in good condition in case you decide to sell, and there is also a certain image they would like to uphold in the community.

Housing Value in the Community

A big reason for replacing roofs on houses is due to discoloration caused by algae, mold, etc. Cleaning the roof regularly will prevent a new homeowner from needing to do it once it is sold, and will also prevent irreparable damage to the roof and a new homeowner needing work done. This will help keep your house in the best shape possible so that it’s value does not diminish, or cause other homes in the area to diminish.

Keep it Classy

Home Owners Associations are typically in place to maintain the image of the community that they have built. It does not look good to have houses that they represent looking dirty, with mold or algae growing on the roof and causing an eyesore. Clean, inviting homes will welcome new residents and expand the worth of the community.
If you live in a home with a homeowner’s association and have let your roof maintenance fall to the wayside, contact Roofmaster’s of Palm Beach today and we can get you on the right track to a clean roof that your HOA will approve of!

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