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Roof cleaning methods in practice
Roof Cleaning, Power Washing

Roof cleaning methods in practice

There is a variety of roof cleaning methods being used by contractors each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most commonly used methods with a clear description of what they involve:


High pressure cleaning:

As mentioned by many contractors, high pressure roof cleaning is the best way to get the molds off your roof. However, it’s the worst you can do to your roof shingles which are really fragile. High pressure wash wears tiny protective granules off the surface of your roof leaving it vulnerable to major damage. It only washes the upper visible layer of algae leaving the roots behind. After a short while the mold grows again and rather quickly.

Bleach roof cleaning method:

Some contractors use bleach to clean the stains on your roof. But it is quite a dangerous chemical. It not only can damage your landscape but also the health of your family members and pets. But the contractors avoid stating that are using bleach to clean your roof instead they make a point saying that their cleaning method is recommended by shingle manufacturers cited in the 2007 ARMA bulletin  — which is bleach!


Splash and Dash method:

Splash and dash method involves spraying chemicals on your roof top which do not require rinsing but depend on rain water to rinse them off. Actually these are consumer grade products which do not require specialized water spray instruments hence saving the cost. These contractors will tell you to wait for weeks for the results to show off. In reality this method achieves only marginal results if any.


Eco friendly low pressure roof cleaning method:

The method does not involve any scrubbing, brushing or high pressure power was. Instead it makes use of Eco friendly chemicals which do not harm any landscaping. It costs a little more than other methods but it is 100% effective in removing stains and mold. It should only be done by highly experienced contractors such as ‘Roof Masters’.

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