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Deck Staining and Maintenance Benefits
Deck, Dock Cleaning & Sealing

A Deck Alone is a Great Accent

The addition of an eye-catching deck onto your home or business is a fantastic way to attract friends and family over, or even new clients! Your work does not end once the deck is finished, however. As you should expect, certain regular pressure cleaning and staining is necessary to keep your deck looking great for years to come.

What Exactly is Involved?

Pressure cleaning decks is always necessary maintenance before the staining process can start and should be done regularly – typically twice a year. The chemicals used are environmentally friendly and we are quick to rinse them off. After washing, staining a deck leaves many options. With various colors of stain, you can match the wood color or choose something different to complement the look of your home or business. Time involved depends on the size of the deck, weather, condition of the deck when beginning, and types of stains being used.

A Look to Last a Lifetime!

The biggest benefit to staining your deck is going to be maintaining the integrity of the structure over time. Stain will protect your deck from the elements, preventing the wood used from rotting or warping – both unsightly and unsafe for your guests. The stain of course adds a beautiful new, clean charm to your deck which will be appreciated for years to come! Wood can only absorb so much, and over staining can cause peeling and flaking, so it’s usually recommended to stain only every few years.

Get it Done Without the Hassle

Roof Masters of Palm Beach has the knowledge and skill to take care of your deck so you can rest assured that it will be a safe place for entertaining guests – for years to come! Whether you need some quick and easy maintenance like pressure cleaning, or the more time consuming staining process, contact us today to take care of it for you!