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Is chlorine bleach effective in cleaning roof mold?
chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleach commonly referred to as laundry bleach is considered to be an effective agent for disinfecting and cleaning moldy roofs. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) who once recommended using chlorine bleach for mold abatement was the first federal agency to stop recommending the use of liquid bleach in mold remediation.

The answer to whether bleach actually cleans the mold or not comes from Clorox Company which conducted a research and concluded that Chlorine bleach is actually effective in disinfecting moldy surfaces but the condition is that the surface should be hard and non-porous.

Mostly the kind of mold remediation we require is meant for wood and wood-based building material all of which are porous surfaces.  Chlorine bleach is highly corrosive and can highly damage the non-porous surfaces. You would probably not like to use it for cleaning and disinfecting your roof because you are well aware of the costs involved with roof repair and installation. Moreover, the properties of Chlorine Bleach prevent it from soaking into the surface and killing the deep embedded roots of mold. It only works on the surface. To prevent the mold from growing again Go for a solution that not only cleans the surface of your roof but is also effective in eradicating deep embedded roots for a long term solution.

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