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Magic potion recipe for your roof cleaning needs
Roof Master Pressure Cleaning

If you have noticed the black streaks on your roof and are worried about how to get rid of that growth then you are already in the process of finding a solution to mold problem. Unfortunately many products available in the market for this purpose are not that effective. The reason being, they all require high pressure cleaning to produce the desired results. If you take advice from good roof cleaning contractors, they will let you know in the beginning that high pressure cleaning can lead to disaster. It damages the shingles and the basic structure of the roof thus cutting several years out of the life of your roof system.

What most roof cleaners will not tell you is that the ingredients for the perfect roof cleaning recipe are usually available at your home. You’ll just need to mix equal parts liquid household bleach and water in a very large plastic container or tub. If the roof has a steep pitch then you might also add a cup of liquid laundry detergent. If the desired results re not achieved from the first attempt, increase the amount of bleach and repeat the process. The solution takes few minutes to do the job after which you can rinse it off very easily using a garden hose. Make sure you have a helper around to take care that the water running off the roof does not come in contact with the surrounding landscape.

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