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Ideal temperature for roof cleaning
roof cleaning

A general question asked by homeowners is that if they can clean their roofs during winters. The answer to the question is yes for those who live in Florida. The real deciding factor is the temperature of the place where you live. Also the cleaning products have temperature guidelines written on them.  It is best to start a cleaning project when the temperature has been above freezing point for hours. If the temperature is below freezing point, the cleaner will have to deal with the danger of falling off due to slippage.

If you are trying to clean the roof stains that are covered in frost, the roof cleaner first needs to melt the ice and during this process, some of the effectiveness of the cleaner may be lost. By waiting four hours, you’ll be sure the ice is gone.

On days when the temperature has been above freezing point over night, wait until four hours of above freezing temperature have been passed. By this time the roof will have warmed up enough to not be frosted, and the air temperature will make the roof cleaning project less chilling. On very sunny days, you may only need to wait 3 hours before starting roof cleaning project, because an asphalt shingle will absorb sunlight and warm very rapidly.

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