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Why should you be concerned about your moldy roof?
Moldy Roof Cleaning

If look at a real estate guide or any website featuring houses for sale, you will notice house after house having roofs infested with molds. Moldy roofs definitely reduce the aesthetic appeal of your house. But that is not what you should be primarily concerned about. In addition to tarnishing the appearance and reducing the value of your house, the mold brings in two major problems:

  1. Destroys the shingles
  2. Reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning system

All the shingles are made up of organic material such as asphalt, lime stone or wood. They serve as ideal food for the mold. We all know that mold needs water, air and organic material to grow and survive. The surface of asphalt usually has a protective covering of granules to protect it from UV rays. When a mold begins to grow, it blasts away these granules thus leaving the surface exposed to harsh UV rays and other weather conditions. Curling of shingles is a clear sign that their life has come to an end. Cleaning the roof with an effective biocide will add extra years to the life of your shingles.

A black roof absorbs more sunlight as compared to a lighter colored one. This is the reason why most home owners pick up a lighter color for their roofs. Despite the effort, after few years, they all end up with the same color ‘BLACK’. An experiment conducted in conjunction with the University of South Florida revealed that there is up to 30 degrees of temperature difference between an infested black roof and a clean light colored roof.  Hence by simply cleaning your roof you can reduce the energy expenditure by reducing the need for air conditioning.

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