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Clean your roof with natural cleaning products
roof cleaning

Over time, the roof is prone to gather dirt, debris as well as other fungal growth that sticks to it and reduces its aesthetic appeal and life. This requires cleaning. However, the usual roof cleaning method involves applying a cleaning chemical on the surfaces and then washing t off after a while along with all the dirt and debris. Also some people use pressure wash method and add a chemical to the water supply on order to disinfect the roof.

The major problem with these methods is that, the runoff water contains chemicals which seep into the ground causing damage. They have a tendency to enter the water table and contaminate it. Hence these harsh and damaging chemicals should be avoided for roof cleaning but one needs more than just water to ensure effective roof cleaning. Are there any safer alternatives? Definitely, there are some natural products that do a good job without posing any threat of damage.

These are called natural products. The products are usually made up of a blend of plant based material and come in concentrated form.  They need to be diluted with water before use. The organic nature of these products as well as the requirement of dilution make them user and environmental friendly. So its better to avoid chemicals and go for these safer alternatives.

Roof Masters is a Chemical Roof and Pressure Cleaning business serving Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Roof Masters is the oldest Chemical-Wash company in the Southeast. We are licensed and insured and have been in business since 1998. Call us at (561) 630-7826 for a free estimate.