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Roof cleaning safety tips
Roof Cleaning

If you are attempting to perform the roof cleaning job yourself, make sure that you take enough safety precautions. Professional roof cleaners have experience and go an extra mile to ensure safety during the process.

Here are some safety measures that should be taken before performing the cleaning job:

  1. Make sure that you wear proper boots. The ones recommended for the roof job are Cougar Paws. These literally stick to the surface of roofs and prevent you from falling off.
  2. Use fiberglass ladder if you live in Florida. This is because of the frequent lightning in the area. Secure the ladder firmly before climbing on it.
  3. Protect your eyes with safety goggles before applying the cleaning chemicals.
  4. Cover your hands with latex rubber gloves in order to protect your hands from harmful chemicals.
  5. It is good to wear overalls. They are both comfortable and safe.
  6. Wearing a hat will not only protect you from sun but will also add another layer of protection.
  7. Instead of leaning over, use a walkie talkie to stay in touch with those helping you from the ground.
  8. Always wait for favorable weather condition. Do not i any case attempt to clean the roof during bad weather condition.
  9. Use camel pack for hydration purpose.
  10. Most roof cleaners would agree, a roof harness is the most important safety item you can have when cleaning a roof.  Although pricy, this piece of equipment can save your life.

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