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Getting Rid Of Molds
Roof Pressure Cleaning Mold

Getting Rid Of Molds

Molds are unwanted, ugly looking growth on moist surfaces. When these grow on your roof, they can reduce the aesthetic appeal of your house. Molds are spread by spores that travel by air and grow on organic material such as plants and twigs fallen on your roof. Though you cannot avoid the spores from landing on to your roof, you can definitely arrange for regular roof clean up to make sure there is no organic matter to promote the growth.

There are several products available which if sprayed can prevent the mold from coming back. However, a more long-lasting solution is to install zinc or copper strips along the ridge line of affected roof planes. These metals have natural minerals that prevent the mold from growing. When it rains, the rain water washes the minerals contained in these metals cleaning away the mold. If you want an even more permanent solution, you can install algae-fighting shingles at the time of replacement of your roof. These are made with copper-clad granules (blended in with the regular mineral granules) on asphalt shingles. The special granules naturally inhibit algae growth by the same process as the zinc and copper strips.