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How do infested roofs affect you?
Pressure Cleaning Mold

How do infested roofs affect you?

Roofs are prone to be infested by mildew; the molds which grow in the areas of homes that are exposed to high moisture content such as basements, bathrooms and roofs. Structural damage caused by these organisms can easily be noticed upon investigation. For example: deterioration of tiles, discoloration thereby reducing the aesthetic appeal of your house.

The infestations can cause immense damage in the long run. Mildew infested roofs not only cause damage in monetary terms but also in term of your health. The spores spread by the mold is responsible for various allergies, fatigue, nausea, headache, skin rash, congestion, running nose, cough, eye irritation etc. People who are allergic to molds are even susceptible to asthma attacks and serious disorders of upper respiratory track.

If anyone in your family is allergic, infested roof can be a serious problem. Detecting infestation is sometimes easy and can be seen as black, white or colored discolorations on the surface. At other times it gets quite difficult to spot such infestations as spores can be hidden between the tiles and even penetrate under the surface. In such cases it becomes extremely necessary to get your roof disinfested by hiring the services of a professional roof cleaning company such as ‘Roof Masters’ which is experienced in providing complete roof cleaning solutions through their advanced chemical cleaning process that not only disinfests, but also prevents the mold from growing again.