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Roof cleaning equipment checklist
Roof cleaning equipment checklist

If you plan to perform the roof cleaning job yourself in order to save some bucks, BEWARE!!! The job is not as simple and easy as it seems to be at first. The hazards include paralysis and even death if you have a bad fall. So give it a second thought. Still if you decide to go for the adventure, consider this list of must have roof cleaning equipment. Agree or not but these are the essentials of roof cleaning without which the job cannot be deemed possible.

  • Safety is the first and foremost thing to consider before even beginning the job. Use a non conducting ladder with a stand-off to provide stabilization. Use harness for added safety. In order to protect your eyes, skin and lungs from coming in contact with the cleaning chemicals wear long trousers, goggles, gloves and mask. Try to get hold of some cougar paws for traction as wet shingles covered in chemical mixture are extremely slippery.
  • Always have a helper around to aid you while rinsing as well as in case you have a fall.
  • For the chemical delivery system, you’ll need a large poly tank, 200 feet of poly hose, a hose reel, a battery powered and chemical resistant pump, and a chemical resistant trigger gun and set of spray tips.
  • For the rinsing a few garden hoses will do the job.
  • Other miscellaneous stuff that you would need include sun block, a first aid kit, an extra pair of shirt and trousers and a cooler full of icy water.

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