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Cleaning a thick carpet of moss covering your roof surface
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Roof stain ranges from black stains to a dense green carpet of moss. As the thickness of the mold residing the roof increases, it requires special attention and varied techniques to get rid of it. In case of black streaks, applying a small amount of a good quality roof cleaner followed by thorough rinsing on the affected areas would be enough.

However in case you have a green carpet of moss covering the surface of your roof and doing damage to the aesthetic appeal, this simple process will prove to be a little ineffective. This is because the cleaner is not able to penetrate the thick layer of moss. In this case you need to have a soft bristle brush to work the cleaner down till the surface.  Apply the cleaner all over the surface and scrub it with the brush. Then let the roof cleaner soak the remaining time, and rinse with a little more pressure!

Because roof moss is so dense, any roof cleaner can have difficulty penetrating the moss. So the wash brush helps to open spaces in the moss, allowing the roof cleaner to soak into the lower levels of the roof moss. On the densest of moss covered roofs, 2 or 3 applications may be needed to penetrate back down to find the shingle surface.

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