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Shingle Stain Removal
Roof Master Pressure Cleaning

Removing algae, lichens or moss from shingles requires special attention and care. Aggressive cleaning methods such as scrubbing and pressure washing should be avoided that can damage the shingles. These simple steps will enable you to do the job effectively:

Step 1

Make sure that the roof shingles are in good condition to withstand the pressure of the cleaning method that you are going to use.

Step 2

Before applying the roof cleaning material or method al over the roof, try it on a small portion. usually algae or debris stains can be removed quite gently but moss and lichens cannot be removed without damaging the shingles. If the chemical works on the small portion it means that it is effective in cleaning the kind of mold on your roof.

Step 3

Use the gentlest possible method of roof cleaning. If you have asphalt roof, use only the method recommended by the roof manufacturer. It is a good idea to remove moss or lichens from a roof surface by gentle cleaning using a soft brush or a garden hose. Power washing risks damaging shingles by blowing mineral granules off of the shingle surface thus damaging the structure of the roof.

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