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Tips to avoid danger while cleaning asbestos roofs
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Experts warn that cleaning the asbestos and fibrous roofs using high pressure cleaning procedures can be highly dangerous as it exposes highly dangerous asbestos fibers. In fact pressure washing asbestos roofs has been declared illegal. These fibers can become a serious health hazard not only for the people doing the work but also for others in the vicinity. Roof cleaners have been urged to learn proper asbestos cleaning tips in order to avoid the cost associated with the hazards. Here are a few tips on how to handle asbestos roof cleaning process:

  • Avoid breaking the asbestos unless it is really necessary to remove damaged or worn out parts.
  • Clean the asbestos surface gently in order to avoid damage to asbestos fibers.
  • Clean the surface with a water hose or by hand rather than high pressure water cleaners or water blasters.
  • Do not walk on corrugated asbestos roofs as they may collapse due to weight.
  • Wear coveralls with a hood as well as a respirator while handling asbestos material. It is advisable to use disposable coveralls that can be thrown away after the use.
  • After you are done, wash yourself thoroughly.
  • Painted asbestos containing materials are less likely to release fibers and can be cleaned with slightly higher water pressure.
  • Carefully check the surface of the material you are cleaning to ensure it is not being damaged.

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