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Weather protection for roofs
Roof Pressure Cleaning Mold

Changing and harsh weather conditions are the ultimate enemies of your roofing material. Rain, wind storms, snow and UV rays coming from sun play an equal part in damaging and reducing the service life of your roof. Thus weather protection is number 1 priority when it comes to roof maintenance and repair.

The most common cause of roof damage is the moisture that accumulates on the roof. This not only harms the roofing material but has the ability to cut own the life of roof by many good years. Hence an investment in the underlayment installation is worth a while. These weather protection materials are incorporated underneath the shingles and directly to the roof decking. These weather resistant materials are self adhesive. They create a water tight bond which not only protects the roof from water pools caused by snow but also from wind driven rain storms.

Repairing the areas around chimneys, flashings, skylights and dormers can help the structure of your roof. These can be protected by installing a material called flashings. These flashings create a water and air-resistant seal for strength outside. Not only this, the weather protection material that you install helps save in the energy by minimizing the requirement of air conditioning during summers thus keeping the energy bills to a minimum.

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