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Clean your Roof with High Pressure & Power Wash

Power washing is a kind of technique used for roof cleaning which if done carefully, it can do wonders but is not done properly it can damage the shingles and void the warranty. However, it is possible to clean the black streaks and mold growing on your roof safely using power washing technique. If you want to pressure clean the roof yourself professionally, do as directed.

Having a bit similarity with High Pressure Roof Cleaning, for power wash, wet the roof slightly to cool it down using an X-let. After a while apply a good quality roof cleaner from the ground again using an X-let. Let it stay for about 15 minutes (to perform its job) for best results. Now climb up the roof very carefully. Using very light psi pressure not more than 300 psi, wash away the roof cleaner but be very careful as after applying the cleaner the roof becomes very slippery. Avoid any knocking off the gravel from the surface of the shingles. If you come across a tough stain area, gently rub the surface with a soft bristle brush. Finally rinse off the entire chemical well. Rinsing can also be done from the ground using an X-let jet.

Roof Masters is a Chemical Roof and High Pressure Cleaning business serving Palm Beach Fl and Martin Counties. Roof Masters is the oldest Chem-Wash company in the Southeast. We are licensed and insured and have been in business since 1998. We also provide a variety of roofing services. Call us at (561) 630-7826 for a free estimate.

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