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Will Power Washing or Pressure Cleaning Damage your Roof?

Moss and fungus are the common growths that can be seen on the surface of roofs. Areas with high levels of humidity provide a favorable habitat for these organisms. Moss and fungus growth make the roof look neglected and decrease your house’s value as well as its aesthetic appeal. There are various methods available in order to clean the ugly growth. One of these methods is power washing.

There has been a long debate on this topic. Some believe that power washing or pressure cleaning is the main cause of leaks and damage to the shingles. However, the reality is that if done with care, power washing will not harm your roof. The problem occurs because the homeowners who decide to power wash their roof are inexperienced and hence do not do it properly.  In this way water gets under the shingles and causes leaks.

Best way is to aim the power washer in the downward direction. If it is not pointed downwards, the force of the power washer will cause shingles to loosen or damage. When held downwards and at least 6 inches away from the surface, it never damages the roof.  However, power washing more than once in a year can cause severe damage to the roof.

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