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Cleaning the roof with power wash
pressure wash

A roof inhabited by algae does not appear god. The growth can be removed by climbing up the roof, scrubbing it and then rinsing it with a hose but this method is dangerous. It not only makes the roof slippery to walk on but also one can get tangled in the hose and fall off. A much safer alternative is o use a pressure washer. However, the tip t avoid damage to the shingles is to set the pressure washer for a medium pressure (neither too high nor too low). Always test the pressure settings on the first tile. If the debris and moss is getting washed away easily, use the same settings on the entire roof.


  1. Turn on the pressure washer after connecting the water gun to the front of pressure washer.
  2. Climb up the roof with the water gun; test the pressure on one of the roof tiles. If it is appropriate than go ahead with the rest of the roof.
  3. Make sure that you do not hold the nozzle too close to the tiles in order to avoid damage.
  4. As you spray the water, gradually move the nozzle closer to the surface and sway it back and forth. The algae and other growth should disappear.
  5. Use the pressure on the other dirty parts of the roof, repeating the same aiming and washing procedure. The pressure washer gun will allow you to target shingles that would have been tough to reach by hand.

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