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Tile roof cleaning poses some unique challenges
tile cleaning

Roof cleaning is a challenging job and should not be attempted without some professional help if you have no prior experience or you are not familiar with the difficulties involved in it. However, tile roof cleaning poses some additional challenges due to its unique nature. Before attempting to clean a tile roof, you should beware of the unique challenges being imposed by it. Such as:

Walking on a tile roof that is wet or is covered with chemicals is like walking on a sheet of ice that is inclined at 30 degrees. A roof fall can result into paralysis or memory loss. So you better not take any chance and never climb up a slippery roof unless you are experienced or you are wearing extremely good shoes with lots of traction.

Tiles are prone to crack and break easily so never attempt to climb on a tile roof if you do not have enough experience. Asphalt shingles have some kind of flexibility in this regard but the tile roofs don’t.

Finally the chemical run-off the tile roof is quicker. So the person you hire for the job needs to be extra quick in order to save the greenery around your house or you will have to bear the consequences of the chemical run-off.

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