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The tell-tale signs
The tell-tale signs of roof algae

The tell-tale signs of roof algae

Roof mold undergoes a complete cycle starting from a dot to developing into complete sheets visible from the ground. Here is an account of how the algae develop.

Initial roof algae dot

The mold is carried through wind, animals or birds. When it lands on the surface of roof, it finds crushed lime stones besides the shingles along with moisture and sunlight. Between the Moisture, Food, and Sunlight the roof algae has everything it needs to reproduce and build a colony. At this point you may not even note that growth as it is not visible from the ground.

Roof algae spot

As the algae start to grow and expand, they become visible from the ground. At that point in time, they might have grown to as much as 500,000 cells. Immediate roof cleaning is necessary to prevent them from growing further.

Triangle shaped colony

Due to rain and wind storms, the growth takes the shape of a triangle. By this time the colony has been residing your roof for almost 18 months.

Black roof algae sheets

Many triangle shaped colonies join to form a black sheet of roof algae that spreads across your entire roof. The upper part of the roof may continue to have a few peaks where the upper roof algae triangles first formed. At this point a Roof Cleaner is needed fast, before the cost of roof replacement becomes needed.

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