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Roof and sidings are sensitive to pressure washing
Pressure Wash

It is difficult to find a roofing contractor that offers you a sincere advice as to which cleaning method is best to serve your purpose. Most of the contractors out there in the market use pressure washing as their primary mode of cleaning roof surfaces. The truth is that high pressure wash can work to remove mold and dirt residing you roof top but it can also cause damage. Simple is that, if it has the power to remove years of accumulated dirt, it can also blast away some stuff that needs to stay on the surface like protective granules.

The idea that high pressure wash can clean your roof surface effectively is propagated by those who benefit the most form it i-e the pressure washing equipment manufacturers. High pressure cleaning has its time and place. It works wonderfully for hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers, and brick. House siding and roof shingles, however, don’t react very favorably to extremely high pressure. There had been cases that pressure washing had caused so much damage to the shingle that there had been leakage problems inside the house.

Instead of pressure washing, prefer using a chlorine bleach solution in proper proportion and take proper precautions while rinsing the chemical off the roof.

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