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Tips to safely clean roof tiles and shingles
Roof Cleaning, Power Washing

A roof requires regular cleaning t keep it in a good condition. Some of the most common “dirt” is road dust, tree sap, moss, and mildew. The waste of trees growing around the house can gather on the roof surface and serve as a food for moss and mildew. There are a few tips that would ensure safe cleaning of your roof by yourself.

  1. Use a sturdy ladder to climb up the roof safely. If the roof is very steep, it will be a good idea to use a harness. Also wear boots hat have nonskid sloes. This is because once the shingles ad tiles get wet; they become too slippery to walk on safely.
  2. Prepare yourself well for the job by gathering all the tools and things that you require. Tie garbage bags on all the water downspouts so that the chemicals that spill over during the wash do not harm the vegetation’s in your lawn. An essential tool will be a low pressure power spray washer or a garden hose with a screw.
  3. Wear the eye protection goggles as well as heavy rubber gloves. Prepare the solution that you will use to clean the roof. Fill the power washer or the bottle of the garden hose and climb up the roof. Spray the solution first to the areas which are looking most dirty and then apply the remaining solution to the rest f the roof. Make sure that every inch of the roof is being covered.
  4. Scrub the roof especially the portion that has the most dirt or mold.
  5. Be sure to rinse off the downspouts and the gutters in order to remove the corrosive cleaning solution from the metal.

After you have finished, your roof should look brand new! Don’t forget to remove the garbage bags off the ends of the downspouts.

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