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Why to hire professionals for roof cleaning and what are the costs associated with it?
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The stains on the roof are usually caused by algae called Gloeocapsa Magma which is transmitted through spores. This alga can virtually grow on any surface but the ideal conditions for it to survive and spread are moist and humid weather. The portions of your roof that receive less sunlight seem to be more affected by mold than rest of the area. The usual and the most common method being used by most homeowners; is to apply chlorine bleach solution to the affected area. The method has its limitations as well as harmful effects.

Therefore it is advisable to hire the services of professional roof contractors. They not only use proper techniques that can clean your roof without causing any damage to the shingles but also use products that are environmental friendly and biodegradable. These products pose no threat to the landscape and the health of your family members. They use good quality products such as zinc strips and anti-growth sprays that prevent the fungus from coming back. So it is always better to call for professional help in case you want to get rid of the mod growing right above your head.

Homeowners usually wonder about the cost of hiring roof cleaning contractors. The cost varies depending upon the nature of the job as well as the location of your house. But a rough estimate goes like this:

  • On average the contractors charge $15 to $30 per square. This makes $250 to $500 for an average 1500 square foot roof.
  • 50 feet roll of zinc strips costs about $25 to $50 including installation charges.

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